Zero Real Estate Hotel – The Unique ‘thousand star’ hotel among majestic Alps mountain

Zero Real Estate Hotel has no walls, no roof to admire the whole scene of the Swiss Alps in the night for $ 310 per room.

This exotic hotel series located in Switzerland makes visitors fascinated with the breathtaking views of the Alps or watching the sunset on the hillside vineyards. Because the rooms have no walls, no roofs, visitors can enjoy the scenery, with the beauty of the ‘thousand-star hotel’ in the stories.

Hotel expert Daniel Charbonnier and artists Frank and Patrik Riklin said: The idea comes from the desire to change the perception of traditional hotels and to focus on the travel experience.

The basics are the bed, the two night lamps and the tables on both sides are suitable. In addition, depending on the housekeeper of each place, there is the creativity of each particular hotel room.

Zero Real Estate Hotel

In 2009, Frank and Patrik built a work of art in an underground nuclear bunker. Charbonnier accidentally learned the idea and recognized it as an experience many people were looking for. The trio built a hotel in underground nuclear bunkers with 14 beds. Room rent is $ 25 per night.

hotel switzerland alps“All the hotel segments, from nature camping to two-star or luxury palaces, I feel the value system goes from tangible to invisible,” says Charbonnier.

Charbonnier recognizes that many customers are willing to pay more for unique experiences. It was then that the three people decided to close the hotel basement to focus on a new idea.

Zero Real EstateIn 2016, they built a room without walls, an outdoor hotel at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. So far, it is one of the rooms of the Zero Real Estate Hotel.

Zero Real Estate Swiss

The Zero Real Estate hotel chain has a total of 7 rooms in various locations throughout Eastern Switzerland. Each room costs 310USD / night. Charbonnier said it was fully booked by the end of 2020 and had more than 9,000 people on the waiting list in the room.

outdoor hotel swiss

The current butler is important, Charbonnier chooses the locals to do the job. If it rains, the butler will help them move into the shelter. If the guest is hungry, the butler will prepare delicious food for them. If guests need travel information, the butler is also the most detailed provider.

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