What happens if you fall into a tank with 100 electric eels ?

Have you ever wonder that what happens if you fall into a tank with 100 electric eels ?

Let’s find out ! Electric eels are known as the Amazon forest killer with the ability to discharge to kill the prey, can you survive if you fall into the tank containing 100 electric eels? Watch the following video to learn more.

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Electric eels are fish that their organs can produce electricity. Scientists believe that all eels belong to one species. But a new study has found up to three species. And the Electrophorus Voltai is one of the new species that can release the highest voltage of any known animal. Studies show that the eels discharge E. voltai capable of delivering 860 volts of electricity, far more than the 650 volts previously recorded from electric eels, making they become the most powerful bioelectric generator.

And scientists think that the particularly strong electric shock that E. voltai can create is an adaptation to life in highland waters, where conductivity is reduced. Electric eels use their shocking tactics for a variety of reasons, including hunting, self-defense and navigation. They generate electricity from three specialized electrical bodies that can generate charges of different intensities for different purposes.

About Electric eel
Interesting facts about electric eels – Image by Flickr

The physiology of Electric eel has inspired Volta’s first electric battery design, provided the basis for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and has recently promoted the advancement of hydrogel batteries. Used to power medical implants. Electric eels are very dangerous. But that is a bit more dramatic when you realize the voltage is being pushed up to 1,000 volts. And it is really a bad thing if you have to be exposed to it.

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