Top 10 most beautiful churches in Europe you should visit 2020

The churches in Europe are a summary of this continent’s most quintessential things: long history, ancient and unique architectural styles or unique cultural treasures carefully stored. Therefore, no matter what city you visit in Europe, you will certainly not be able to resist visiting at least one church there. The following is a list of 10 most beautiful churches in Europe you should visit 2020, that you may or may not have heard, but one thing no European travel addicts can deny: their unique and unique beauty.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland – Hallgrimskirkja Church

In this list, Hallgrimskirkja has the most distinctive appearance. This landmark in the capital, Reykjavik, was started in 1937 by Guðjón Samúelsson but was not completed until 1986. When asked about the unique and somewhat science-fiction appearance of this work, the architect answered that Hallgrimskirkja’s image was inspired by looking at the lava flows cools on the lava rock.

2. Barcelona, Spain – Sagrada Familia Church

Sagrada Familia Church Definitely a sight not to be missed regardless of the length of your stay in Barcelona on your European trip. La Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí, started in 1886, and is now more than 70% complete. However, this landscape is still quite possible to make even the most discerning travelers admire.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark – Grundtvig Church

Grundtvig ChurchThe appearance of the Grundtvig church is extremely magnificent, but the highlight of this architecture lies in its interior: the huge pillar system and high ceiling makes the space inside the church extremely overwhelmed. Copenhagen is the capital of modern design in Denmark, so the rows of Grundtvig’s church are also a bit of that style.

4. Milan, Italy – Milan Duomo Cathedral

Milan Duomo CathedralIt was conceived in 1396 but it took several centuries before the Milan Duomo church was completed. Since then, this church has become the symbol of the city of Milan as well as one of the most impressive churches in Italy. You can spend hours admiring the beauty of each sculpture on the church wall, before stepping inside and admiring the intricate glass windows.

5. Vatican – St. Peter’s Church Peter

St. Peter's Church PeterIf Rome is an indispensable city on your European travel itinerary, do not forget to stop by the Vatican. You will be greeted by the dome of one of the world’s most magnificent religious buildings: Peter – the most important building in the Vatican. Not only does it surprise visitors with its ancient architectural style, St. Peter is also home to many art treasures of the Renaissance.

6. London, England – Westminster Abbey

Westminster AbbeyBesides being one of the most beautiful sights in London, Westminster Abbey is also the venue for many important events of the Royal Family during the 700 years.

7. Córdoba, Spain – Córdoba Church / chapel

Córdoba Church SpainRight from the name, visitors can immediately recognize that throughout its history, Córdoba church / chapel has played an important role in the beliefs of two different religions: Christianity and Islam, thanks to Meanwhile, this project offers visitors an unforgettable cultural and historical experience. Not only that, the architectural beauty of this building dating back before the 6th century will surely leave you with a lasting impression on your trip to Europe.

8. Berlin, Germany – Neue Synagogue

Neue SynagogueWith a capacity of up to 3200 people, Neue is the largest mosque in Germany at the time of opening in 1886. After being devastated during World War II, Neue was rebuilt in the late 80s. of the last century, and used as a museum next to its original purpose. Neue is also a strikingly beautiful landmark in Berlin, with gold trimmings surrounding its domes and towers.

9. Prague, Czech Republic – St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral The Czech Republic and especially the capital of Prague is a huge attraction that you should not miss during your European trip. The most famous sights in the golden city is Prague Castle, in which, St. Vitus is a highlight. Not only has great historical and religious value, St. Vitus is also an extremely magnificent building, with a sophisticated and ancient beauty.

10. Florence, Italy – Florence Cathedral

Where to Stay in Florence, Italy Florence, the capital of Tuscany region is considered the cradle of Renaissance art style, therefore, the Florence church – the tourist center of this city, brings in it an extremely impressive beauty.

The churches in each city are silent witnesses to all the growth and decline of that place. So you will have the most cultural experience in these fascinating structures.

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