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One of the most stressful things about traveling is knowing what and how to pack.

These travel packing tips will help to ease your anxiety, and ensure a more seamless trip!


1. Carry a small notebook. Keep your confirmation numbers, names, addresses

and telephones numbers of people or places you’ll be visiting.

2. Write down confirmation numbers whenever you make reservations. If one isn’t

offered, ask.

3. Leave a detailed itinerary of your trip with someone at home in case of

emergency. Leave a trusted friend or relative the key to your home or apartment

as a well as an envelope containing the credit card number and toll-free numbers

for your credit cards. In case they are lost or stolen have the friend cancel them


4. Use accessories such as scarves and belts to enhance the limited number of

outfits you pack.

5. Check the weather (www.weather.com) forecast for your destination before you

leave to make sure you’re packing the right clothes for your destination.

6. Lighten your load by creating mix-and-match outfits using one or two colors.


7. Pack a small canvas or nylon back inside of your luggage. These come in handy

for souvenirs on the return trip home.

8. Remove all old luggage tags and make sure name identification tags are on your

entire luggage. Be sure to put your name and office telephone number on the

inside of luggage as well, just in case it gets lost and the outside tags are ripped


9. Always carry a bottle of water, a pack of snack crackers or fruit. Many airlines do

not serve food and even if yours does, sometime unexpected turbulence or

airport delays may prevent meals from being served.

10. Carry a book, crossword puzzle, audio book, or note cards. These go a long way

while sitting in airport terminals.

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