Snow Creek Avalanche Hiking in Southern California

Let’s discover Snow Creek Avalanche Hiking in Southern California by this video :

Video by Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit

Those who live and play in Southern California’s mountains know how big and wild they can be—the highest is over 11,000 feet, and yes, there’s snow, and yes, people backcountry ski in them. One of the steepest, most sustained potential lines drops down the north face of San Jacinto Peak, which looms over above Palm Springs, into Snow Creek. It’s a classic funnel and collects the lion’s share of precipitation and it can hold snow deep into spring. And when it warms up fast, as it did recently, well, natural wet slides can occur. This video comes from Riverside Mountain Rescue, which helped pluck two stranded hikers off the north face last week. It’s a good thing they had the sense to get out of the gully, because surviving that slush pile wouldn’t have been easy.

On its blog, RMR reminded: “When attempting a route like Snow Creek it is imperative that you have more than physical fitness and route-finding skills. This route is becoming a tick list for more and more people. Understanding snow composition and how each year is vastly different than the last is crucial in successfully completing this route. Conditions may only be favorable for a safe ascent a few weeks out of the year and even then, only a few years out of a decade will have these favorable conditions. It is also worth noting that when traveling in high-risk mountain terrain, wearing bright colors greatly helps being spotted if a rescue is ever needed. It took a little while to find the subjects since they were wearing all dark clothing and blended in with the rocks and terrain.”

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