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Savvy Traveler

1. Buy souvenirs from the drug store or supermarket when traveling internationally. You’ll

get great gifts like French soap and writing paper, or while in Jamaica gifts like coffee

and jerk sauce will cost far less in the supermarket than in the hotel gift shop.

2. Don’t rule out the airport. Not only will you avoid cramming items into your suitcase,

often items like jewelry, liquor and other souvenirs are cheaper than in the tourist areas.

3. Use your debit card at ATM machines to get local currency. You’ll get the best

conversion rate and you won’t have to pay the higher fee at the currency exchange.

4. Carry snacks. Little packages of crackers, raisins, or candy take up little room and think

of the money you’ll save when a “snack attack” hits in your hotel room. Ouch! Paying

$2.50 for a candy bar hurts. And always, carry a bottle of water purchased at any place

other than your hotel room where a liter of water can be as much as $5.00.

5. When traveling with a partner, put half of each of your clothing in each suitcase. That

way if the one suitcase gets lost, hopefully the other will show up. You may not have

your entire wardrobe, but, at least you’ll each have something to wear while your lost

luggage is being located.

6. When traveling for business always email a copy of your itinerary to yourself and another

someone else. Not only will someone know how to contact you in case of emergency,

but you’ll still have your important information in case you leave your papers at home.

7. Do this only if you are self disciplined. Charge items such as groceries on your credit

card to build points for travel. Just be sure to pay the credit card bill as soon as you get

home, either by telephone banking or through your bank’s website. It’s not a bargain is

you have to pay finance charges.

8. Be flexible. Sign up for those last-minute travel sites for special deals on air travel or

hotel rooms.

9. Don’t be embarrassed. Tell you age. AARP is one of the strongest organizations out there

for providing discounts for its members. Great discounts are available for a variety of

travel packages, hotel rooms, restaurants, car rental and travel insurance.

10. Always carry a scarf—you know the kind you buy in the islands as a beach cover up for

your swimsuit—it’ll come in handy if you’re unable to get a blanket on a chilly flight

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