Rocky Mountaineer – The “Transparent” train for you to enjoy sightseeing in Canada

Have you experienced with Rocky Mountaineer to enjoy sightseeing in Canada ? For $ 1,200 for 2 days on the Rocky Mountaineer train, visitors can enjoy the majestic nature, sample the quintessential cuisines of Canadian cuisine, relax in a luxurious cabin …

Rocky Mountaineer In Canada

One thing is undeniable, the spectacular natural scenery of Canada can attract any tourist devotees.

Canada bridge

And not only is the natural landscape, roads and bridges in Canada also extremely romantic …

But with this vast country, does it seem that moving between locations can be difficult? Don’t worry, you can leisurely travel across the country, and also enjoy sightseeing on the Rocky Mountaineer train. This is a train that runs throughout Canada and has a transparent glass ceiling to ensure that every passenger never misses any beauty.

With Rocky Mountaineer, your task is to sit in a comfortable chair, relax and admire the scenery that is gradually appearing before your eyes.

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Due to the harsh winter weather in Canada, Rocky Mountaineer boats only serve visitors from April to October each year. Spring is the best time to see wildlife, while in the fall, visitors will admire each flock of salmon swimming upstream of the rivers to lay eggs. In order to help visitors fully enjoy those magical natural moments, all seats on the Rocky Mountaineer carriages are designed with transparent glass domes, the outdoor sightseeing car is located directly below. for visitors to breathe the fresh air and record the best pictures through each route that the train passes.

Instead of just having a small window like on other normal ships, the window glass on the train is bent into a dome shape to help passengers choose the perfect angle. Reportedly, to sit in wagons like this, visitors often have to book in advance to have seats.

The Rocky Mountaineer travels throughout Canada on three different routes, all of which cross clear lakes, lush forests and snowy mountains.

The Vancouver - Kamloops - Banff LakeThe Vancouver – Kamloops – Banff / Lake Louise route connects Eastern and Western Canada, across the Rockies Mountains.The route Vancouver - Kamloops - JasperThe Vancouver – Kamloops – Jasper route gives visitors the opportunity to witness the enchanting beauty of the highest peaks of the Rockies and the far west.The Vancouver - Whistler - Quesnel - Jasper routeThe Vancouver – Whistler – Quesnel – Jasper route passes through coastal rainforest, the rugged Fraser gorge and the historic Cariboo gold dug on the way to the Rockies Mountains.

Rocky Mountaineer offers a variety of tickets, with an option length of 2 to 5 days (staying at local hotels at night), including sightseeing tours with guides and helicopter tours.

Rocky Mountaineer

On board the train serves meals (with drinks!) For breakfast and lunch, you just need to sit still, relax and enjoy the culinary talents of the chefs on board. Passengers will have dinner at the restaurant at the stops.

Superior to do in Whistler in Winter and Summer time

Superior to do in Whistler in Winter and Summer time

If you are planning to travel to Canada, do not forget to give yourself a ticket to Rocky Mountaineer!

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