Flight attendants share 10 absolute things not to do on a plane

Airplane is a public transport, so everyone should have proper conduct to become civilized and polite passengers.

Here are some travel experiences about 10 absolute things not to do on a plane shared by flight attendants:

1. Do not wear contact lenses

Contact lenses will make your eyes drier. Combined with the dry air inside the plane, the eyes became even more uncomfortable. That’s why you should wear normal glasses when traveling long flights. In addition, you also need to bring more eye drops to investigate.

2. No jokes about bombs or terrorism


Joking about bombs or terrorism is taboo when flying, whether you’re on the ground or on an airplane. There have been many cases of administrative sanctions for small amounts or flight ban, because doing so threatens aviation security and passenger safety.

3. Do not rest your feet on a chair or into an airplane wall

Do not rest your feet on a chair or into an airplane wall

Did they come to your office and put your feet on your wall and desk?

4. Never use a new medication

Never use a new medicationIf you are sick, you should have your medicine ready in your luggage but never use a new medication without a doctor’s prescription or have never used it when traveling by plane, because if you are allergic With strange ingredients in the drug, there is no small problem.

5. Reclining chair while eating

Reclining chair while eating

There are no rules prohibiting the reclining of seats during meals, but you should still be considerate so that people behind can comfortably eat meals. Everyone gets tired when flying, so be a polite person so you don’t upset others.

6. Cover the ears

Cover the ears on planeYour ears become ringing when the plane is taking off and landing because of the pressure difference. The first thing people usually do is try to prevent their ears from ringing by covering their ears, but this is not effective. You can still reduce the possibility of tinnitus by chewing gum, opening and closing your mouth, breathing in and then covering your nose trying to exhale air to get out of your ear.

7. Do not listen to the flight attendant’s safety instructions

listen to the flight attendant's safety instructionsRespecting the crew means respecting yourself and ensuring your own safety.

8. Do not use food that smells good

Do not use food that smells good

Try to avoid using strong-smelling foods in confined spaces like aircraft cabins. It will be uncomfortable for those around you because it is difficult to handle the smell.

9. Boarding with a stuffy nose

Boarding with a stuffy nose

A stuffy nose will put more pressure on your ear and can lead to injury. Of course, no one will ask you to stay home just because you have a cold or stuffy nose, but in case you are still traveling by plane, bring a nasal drop to take before taking off and landing.

In addition, sinusitis and osteoarthritis are very dangerous when traveling. If you can’t cancel your flight, see your doctor for more specific advice.

10. Put your luggage in a place other than your seat

Put your luggage in a place other than your seatRestricting to carry-on luggage in the luggage compartment is not your seat because everyone needs to use this compartment. If you run out of space, you can book another place but should thanks to the guidance of the flight attendant.


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