Discover the beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat Vietnam

A small suggestion for you who like to “solo travel“, prefer unique check-in, prefer quiet, walk among the dim pine hills leading to a blue lake – Tuyen Lam Lake is located in Da Lat Vietnam. Besides the famous tourist destinations of Vietnam such as Danang, Hoi An , Ho Chi Minh city , Nha Trang… Dalat is a place not to be missed for tourists especially for lovers of tranquility .

Avoid the heat of the city, leave for a few days, go to Da Lat to refresh your soul with the dreamy scenery of the high and high slopes, or a cool scenery by the clear blue lake. cloud ball down the lake. Especially with the “wonderful” weather, the four cool seasons will probably please all visitors when coming here at any time of the year.

To add highlights for your trip to Dalat in the “avoid heat” summer, you can choose the destination of Tuyen Lam lake, about 5km from Dalat city, too close, isn’t it? This is a pretty interesting destination.

Tuyen Lam DalatLet’s go together

Located right under Truc Lam Zen Monastery, the scenery here is still quite peaceful when not being exploited for tourism.

Tuyen Lam Dalat Vietnam

Truc Lam Zen MonasteryIf you prefer tranquility, you can visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Another small note is that if you visit the lake in the dry season, the travel will be more convenient, if not, you can still get lucky with the quite pleasant weather in Da Lat to be able to enjoy. breathtaking views of the lake to its fullest.

Tuyen lam lake vietnamRoads along the lake on pleasant and cool days

Tuyen Lam lake water is always green, silhouettes of trees, floating clouds.

Dalat Vietnam

beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake

Discover the beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat Vietnam

Tuyen Lam Lake in Dalat Vietnam

You can choose to visit Tuyen Lam Lake during the day and combine with nearby attractions such as Da Tien -Elephant Mountain tourist area, Datanla waterfall, Hang Nga Villa, Dalat maple forest, … Or simply wandering about how to choose a quiet and poetic café by the lake.

Tuyen-lam-dalatYou can choose a cafe to watch the beauty of the lake

If you want to avoid the noise and crowds to spend a night at Tuyen Lam Lake, there are also Homestay options, hotels and resorts around the lake that are not too difficult to find, so you do not need to worry.


Despite being one of the two big and beautiful lakes in Da Lat, but compared to Xuan Huong Lake which is always crowded and bustling, Tuyen Lam Lake is the opposite of a wild and peaceful beauty and is increasingly asserting that one of the new tourist destinations on the map of tourist destinations in Dalat. If you have the opportunity to Dalat, take some time to visit Tuyen Lam Lake to experience it.

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