Discover the beauty of Cascate Del Mulino hot spring terraces in Italy

Cascate del Mulino is famous for its terraced hot springs, which create natural swimming pools that attract tourists in Italy.

Most other hot spring locations around the world charge visitors, but you are free to visit Cascate del Mulino.

Unique Cascate del Mulino hot spring in Italy

Cascate del Mulino is the unique ladder-shaped hot spring in the world in rural Tuscan, Italy. The marvelous natural wonder lies within the grounds of a dance factory, a few kilometers from the village of Saturnia.

hot spring Cascate del MulinoThe fading smoke blended with the blue water creates an enchanting view to the tourists

Since the Roman Empire, tourists have come to this area to enjoy a dip in the natural hot mineral that springs up from the ground with many minerals and can cure a number of ailments.

 Cascate del Mulino hot spring ItalyCascate del Mulino hot springs attract many tourists from all over the world

Cascate del Mulino, also known as Caselleelle di Saturnia, looks like a paradise with blue water, creating beautiful terraces mixed with evaporating white smoke. The temperature in the lake is about 37°C year round regardless of the season, which is like a free natural spa in Tuscany.

Saturnia - Cascate del MulinoThe spring water always has a temperature of 37°C throughout the year

Cascate del Mulino hot springs flow year-round but visitors usually arrive in late autumn or winter. The spring in Cascate del Mulino looks like a spa tub but is much bigger and not deep enough to swim.

According to the locals, Cascate del Mulino formed from lightning strikes that didn’t hit the target, emanating in the ancient battle between the gods Jupiter and Saturn.

Saturnia Toscana Cascate del MulinoBut when looking at this beautiful natural ‘pool’, it is hard to believe that it was the result of an accident in the war between the gods of the past.

Historically, spas in Saturnia have been around for a long time. The Ethruscans built their first bath here and a temple to thank the gods for their precious gifts. But then the Romans seized the land and built Aurinia’s first public bath in the center of Saturnia.

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