Discover interesting things inside Dalat Clay Tunnel

Recently, DaLat Clay Tunnel has become one of the new check-in points. Let’s discover the interesting things inside this place right away.

Clay Tunnel in Dalat belongs to Tuyen Lam tourist complex, about 12km from the city center. Although not a new tourist destination, DaLat Clay Tunnel is always a destination that many tourists choose when coming to Dalat. This place is not only beautiful but also very artistic. It has great value on the history – culture of Da Lat in particular and Vietnam in general.

clay tunnel DalatClay Tunnel Dalat – Image by Mai Huong

clay tunnel dalat

1. How to get to Dalat Clay Tunnel

There are many different ways to go to Clay Tunnel. If coming from the center of Dalat city, visitors can choose two main directions: Prenn Pass and Bao Dai Palace.

clay tunnel in dalatImage by Mai Huong

Going to the direction to Prenn Pass Departing from the center of Da Lat city, tourists follow the 3/4 way. To the city center bus station. From the city bus station, continue on to Prenn Pass. Go straight to the junction of the pagoda with a golden buddha statue on the right. Turn right on Truc Lam Zen Monastery, keep going for a while and go to the Clay Tunnel of Dalat.

Going to the direction of Bao Dai Palace In addition to the road to Prenn Pass, you can move towards Bao Dai Palace. From Palace III Bao Dai, visitors go straight along Trieu Viet Vuong. Continue to Tran Thanh Tong street and turn right, go to Bao Dai waterfall tourist area – Tuyen Lam lake. Go to the intersection area, then turn right, from here continue to move to the Clay Tunnel.

Opening hours and ticket prices of Clay Clay Da Lat 2020 :

  • Ticket price: VND 60,000/adult,  VND 30,000/child
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 17:00

travel to dalatImage by @dizvuonggg

2. Discover the beauty of the Clay tunnel in Dalat

The first clay house in Vietnam Dalat Clay Tunnel is made entirely of basalt clay material. Among all clay constructions, the first clay house in Vietnam is considered the most famous building. The interior of the house is designed simply and sophisticatedly, all the furniture is very close to the life of Vietnamese people. This unique house has a total area of ​​nearly 90m2. The unique unburnt clay architecture, a unique artistic imprint of the city of thousands of flowers.

tunnel clay dalatImage by Duong_thang

The only clay house possesses a roof covered with Vietnam’s sovereignty map The first clay house in Vietnam is also famous for owning thatched roof of Vietnam’s sovereign map. These embossed images recreate the letter S map, along with the images of the Paracel and Spratly Islands. The floating roof shows the sovereignty and national pride of the Vietnamese people, expressed in a very unique way that is no less talented. So far, this famous building has become one of the most attractive destinations in Dalat city.

clay village dalat

Admire a miniature Dalat with clay Clay Tunnel has a total area of ​​nearly 6 hectares. It recreates a “miniature Dalat” with all the most unique and special features. The road built from clay seemed to stretch endlessly. Many famous tourist destinations in Dalat are recreated here. The daily life, the unique cultural features of the people of Da Lat were also skillfully simulated.

clay tunnel da latImage by Mai Huongdalat clay sculptures tunnelImage by Mai Huonghow to go clay tunnel dalatImage by Ceciliaxcao

It is estimated that at present, there are about 1,500 architectural constructions in DatLat Clay Tunnel. Located in the middle of mountains and forests, the clay tourist resort is painted more wild, in harmony with nature. Some famous landmarks model was built such as: Langbiang market, train station, Xuan Huong lake, Chicken church, Linh Son pagoda, Love valley, …

tunnel clay dalat

tunnel clay dalatImage by Mai Huongtunnel clay dalatImage by tranthaovy

3. Some notes when traveling to Dalat Clay Tunnel

clay tunnel da latImage by Rachel

Because the Clay Tunnel is entirely made of clay, it can make it difficult for travelers to travel on rainy days. On the way to Dalat Clay Tunnel, you have to overcome mountain passes, steep and rugged slopes, visitors need to be careful while moving. At Clay Tunnel, there is another destination not to be missed is the Infinity Lake. There are two statues facing the middle of the lake. Infinity Lake is becoming one of the hot check-in, many beautiful photos have been born at this location.

tunnel clay dalat Image by dinhvietdung

If you are a traveling freak and like to discover new things, do not miss this fascinating place to visit. Dalat Clay Tunnel is undoubtedly the most interesting place in the city of thousands of flowers.

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