Discover Be Island in Ly Son Vietnam 2020

Be Island – Ly Son is a very impressive highlight for all visitors to Ly Son, one of the famous tourist destinations in Quang Ngai Vietnam. Beautiful small island, with fine white sand, clear blue sea.

If traveling to Ly Son, perhaps few tourists ignore the destination named Be Island on this beautiful island, about 3 nautical miles from the big island, equivalent to 15 minutes by canoe, you can set foot on Be Island.

My first impression when I saw Be Island from a distance, was a small fishing village on the coast, with small rooftops. And when I stepped on the island, the images of the daily scenery of the people on the island were nothing special, but the sea here gave me a very deep impression. As expected of a stunning miniature Maldives in Vietnam.

Ly Son Island

On the island, you can choose to take the tram around the island and stop at a few points like the beach or your check-in point. However, when I came to the island, I did not choose to take the tram but walk, with a distance of about 2 km that I can go all over the island, although the weather is quite sunny, but I want to sip every corner of the beautiful sea, stop Anything I like.

Be Island Ly Son Vietnam

Ly SonYou will not worry about getting lost or anything because around the island there is only one coastal road, one side is the blue sea, the other is the green trees, coconut palms or bump the slopes with wild plants. grows in the island.

Discover Lyson Island

Discover Be Island Vietnam

Travel Lyson Quang Ngai

When you arrive on the island, do not forget to prepare a swimsuit to soak in the clear and blue water. Like her friend, likes the rustic quiet but quite risky when choosing a deserted beach to play with the blue sea.

Ly Son Quang Ngai

Discover Ly Son Island 2020

Bathing satisfied, I continued my journey around the island, there is a rather interesting highlight on the island is the sketches in the fishing village that we caught the artists painting and creating. a pretty good color on Be island that can be mistaken for a village of land mural.

Ly Son Vietnam 2020

In addition to watching the beach, there is a coral diving service along with a basket boat, if you have the time and love of fishing village life and enjoying the pristine natural beauty on the island, you can complete it. Full choice of accommodation on the island. Currently on the island there is also a homestay service and food and drink, although there are not many services like the big island but if you want to experience, you still have suitable options for yourself on Be Island.

visit Ly son vietnamIf you come to Be Island, visitors will hardly forget the images of the clear blue sky to the heart of Be – Ly Son Island. Therefore, Be Island is a destination that few tourists come to Ly Son to miss, and enjoy the wild beauty of this place in your own way to feel that Vietnam still has places worth visiting.

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