Discover 7 Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal 2020

This post summarize top 7 Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal 2020 from a personal perspective.

Portugal is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions, it is also famous for its rich historical and cultural values. Portugal has a coastline of 497 miles (800 km) and can surf up to 364 days a year. The climate is warm, warm, beautiful natural landscapes with ancient villages, charming beaches, Portugal is a place you should not miss during your European trip.

Let’s find out the 7 most beautiful cities in Portugal 2020

1. Lisbon capital

lisbon 7 most beautiful cities in Portugal 2020
Lisbon Capital

Lisbon – the capital of the beautiful Portuguese country has a young, dynamic population, and is always open to tourists.

Streetcars roll along the streets that are flanked by ramshackle buildings interspersed with modern buildings. It is the intersection between the old and the new that gives Lisbon a charm that is both familiar and unique. Lisbon brings impressive beauty by the ancient palaces, magnificent castles.

Lisbon became the capital in 1260. In 1755, the whole city was buried by a terrible earthquake, later Lisbon was rebuilt and became a famous sights in Europe. White limestone buildings, unique architectural blocks, winding alleys and lovely streets make Lisbon an impressive tourist destination in Portugal.

2. Obidos city

Obidos city portugal
Obidos city Portugal

Located on a hilltop in the Centro region, west of Portugal, Obidos is surrounded by a solid old wall. Obidos attracts visitors by its ancient beauty, beautiful medieval castles and the historical center.

Along the winding cobblestone road, visitors will come to the lively plaza, inviting cafes, shophouses and white painted houses adorned with colorful flower pots.

3. Algarve city

Algarve city Portugal
Algarve city Portugal

With the warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, picturesque towns, great food and affordable prices, Algarve has become one of the best cities for you to stop in Portugal. Portugal.

You will be amazed at the quiet olive forests, lovely white painted villages, windswept coastline or impressive cliffs.

4. Porto city

porto city
Porto Fino Bay

Porto is a busy and bustling city. This is the world famous place for wine production. Coming to Porto you can walk to visit the cafes located close together. Or to the famous tourist destination of Portugal is the Ponte Luis bridge, the symbol of Porto.

You can discover Porto cuisine by this video below  :

Video by Jeevan Thapa .

5. Sintra city

Sintra Catsle Portugal
Sintra Catsle Portugal

Located at the foot of the Sintra Mountains, on the Lisbon coast, Sintra is a beautiful city with verdant hills, romantic villas, palaces and ancient castles, magnificent.

The famous Pena Palace is reminiscent of Germany’s Neuschwanstein castle.

Discover road trip Lisbon to Sintra . Video by Jeevan Thapa .

6. Evora city

Evora City Portugal
Evora City Portugal

Evora may be just a small town in the southern plains of Portugal, but it is a unique place when traveling to Portugal.

With over 2,000 years of history, Evora used to be a prosperous city under the rule of the Roman Empire. Today, Evora is considered Portugal’s best preserved old town with over 4,000 historic buildings.

7. Aveiro city

Aveiro river Portugal

Located along the Atlantic coastline, Aveiro is a bustling city and was dubbed the “Venice of Portugal” with interlaced canals and charming small bridges across.

On the canal, colorful gondola and speedboats serve visitors. In addition to historical sites, beautiful beaches and culinary backgrounds are the attractions.

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