16 prettiest lakes in the USA

The United States is a vast country with spectacular nature that always attracts visitors to visit and explore. From lush forests, magnificent mountains, majestic waterfalls … you can admire America with the charm of the lakes. Let’s check out the 16 prettiest lakes in the USA and save immediately to make your American travel journey more complete.

16 prettiest lakes in the USA

1. Katmai Crater Lake, Alaska

Katmai Crater Lake Alaska
Created in 1912 after the eruption of Novarupta volcano, Lake Katmai is breathtakingly beautiful. Located at an altitude of nearly 1300m, the best way for you to enjoy the beauty of this lake is viewing on an airplane.

2. Island Lake, Colorado

Island Lake Colorado
This lake is located in San Juan National Park. Surrounded by majestic peaks, the sparkling blue lake is most beautiful during the summer, when the surrounding landscape is lined with wildflowers.

3. Lake Tahoe, California / Nevada

Lake Tahoe California Nevada
The cold and deep waters of Lake Tahoe also cannot prevent tourists coming here to enjoy its wonderful beauty.

4. Yellowstone Lake, Utah

Yellowstone Lake Utah
Located on an altitude of over 2000m, Yellowstone Lake is amazingly beautiful. To the southwest of the lake is a geothermal area, where you will find geysers, fumaroles and hot springs.

5. Diablo Lake, Washington state

Lake Diablo Washington state
The most impressive thing about every visitor with Diablo Lake is its beautiful turquoise color. Coming here to explore by kayak is still the most interesting way.

6. Chelan Lake,  Washington

Chelan Lake Washington
This lake is located in the north of Washington state near vineyards, mountains and small exotic towns, combined to turn this into a great resort

7. Lake Powell, Utah / Arizona

Lake Powell Utah Arizona
Lake Powell is in fact an artificial reservoir. Turquoise water contrasts with the red of the rocks surrounding the lake creating a stunning landscape.

8. Lake Superior, Michigan / Wisconsin / Minnesota

Lake Superior
Lake Superior is beautiful throughout the year, especially bright in the fall, when the surrounding trees change leaves and pop in bright colors.

9. Lake Skilak, Alaska

Lake Skilak Alaska
This clear lake is covered with snow-capped mountains and is located in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, home to brown bears, deer, wolves and many other animals.

10. Lake Kabetogama, Minnesota

Lake Kabetogama Minnesota
Located in the Voyageurs National Park,Lake Kabetogama is a great place to see birds like hawks, pelicans and bald eagles among the great waters and is the perfect place to explore. by kayak.

11. Echo Lake, New Hampshire

Echo Lake New Hampshire
Nestled deep in lush green forests, Echo Lake is a particularly popular choice for families who come here for swimming and picnicking on sandy beaches.

12. Lake Todd, Oregon

Lake Todd Oregon
Located in central Oregon, the lake is more prominent by the Bachelor mountain and surrounded by jungle. In winter, hiking trails become the perfect place for skiing.

13. Hanging Lake, Colorado

Hanging Lake, Colorado
Visitors have to walk the 1.6km-long trails with challenging slopes to reach this lake. But the turquoise lake and sparkling waterfalls will satisfy visitors.

14. Lake Mono, California

Lake Mono, California
These calcium carbonate towers help protect this place as a safe, natural habitat for 2 million birds.

15. Lake Michigan, Michigan

Lake Michigan, Michigan
Lake Michigan is especially known for its beautiful beaches and white sand stretching along the blue lake.

16. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake Oregon
The beautiful cliff surrounding the lake with the deep blue water will make visitors ecstatic. The best way to see the lake is to walk through the park.


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